Packaging + Label + Digital + Offset Print Center Management System

Print Flow allows you to manage all your employees, leads, accounts, sales lines, customer activities and enterprise resource planning from a single platform.

Customizable Workflow

Multiple Branch Support

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Process Tracking

User Based Management

Process Information

Proposal Form

Digital Archive of Jobs

Stock Tracking

Calculate Cost

Dynamic Reporting

Delivery Management

Customer relationship management (CRM)

The two most valuable assets of a business are its employees and customers. By bringing these two assets together on a common platform, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strengthens the communication between the employees and therefore the business with the customers. Covering all customer related processes from basic customer data to after sales support, CRM enables businesses to get to know their customers better. Better recognition of current and potential customers also makes it easier to plan campaigns, pricing or special offers. CRM's integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) also increases data consistency while improving the overall business processes of the business.