Shaping Professional Service and Customer Satisfaction from Scratch

Yuchisoft is a software company within the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MARTEK) technology region that produces innovative solutions for the business world with new technologies focused on R&D. Our founding team has completed high-level projects in leading Telecommunication, Finance, Digital and Ofset Print Center companies throughout their careers.

The technology team, which has signed many projects such as Digital and Offset Printing CRM & ERP Solution, Variable Data Printing, Customer Content Management, Campaign Management System, Hybrid Mail, Managed Workflow Processes serves with innovative solutions under the umbrella of Yuchisoft.

Business partners


Yuchisoft is the partner of Objectif Lune and professional services provider in Turkey. Our team has developed numerous projects in countries like Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, England, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland and provided professional service to many companies.

Yuchisoft, which develops innovative technologies, solutions and products in line with new markets and demands, focuses on process automation with customer interactive smart solutions, producing time and cost savings and increasing productivity and profitability solutions.

In addition to Yuchisoft's CCM & ECM services; it provides professional services in content analysis, personalized document content production, digital archiving, document management, e-billing systems, content publishing and distribution systems, automation control systems, public institution integrations, payment systems integrations, CRM and campaign management systems.


Shaping Professional Service and Customer Satisfaction from Scratch.

  • Address : Barış Mah. Dr.Zeki Acar Cad. Tübitak Sit. Martek 1 1/4
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  • Phone : +90 (262) 502 26 05