Variable Data (Transpromo) Printing

Create, process, format, develop, distribute and measure your personalized business communications. Send the right message to the right recipient at the right time.

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Use all the advances provided by web technologies in your business by digitally producing your personalized transaction documents.


Our strategy is based on abandoning traditional models that focus on competition in existing market areas. In this way, we help today's companies manage their business in a constantly accelerating and expanding business environment. Selling a product or service is not enough for us. We will be successful when we create a community with our customers we serve, and provide our customers with a quality and reliable experience that includes our services.


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Yuchisoft Software | Automation and Control Software | Content Production and Management Software | Print Center Management Software

Yuchisoft is an innovative company that provides professional solutions for the production of marketing documents containing personal and variable data in electronic format, transpromo printing and customer content management. In order to communicate effectively and accurately with your customers, we provide services with our software architecture which includes Agile Techniques in content management. The solutions we offer provide high customer dependency, allowing you to design process and content management accurately, timely and clearly according to your customers' demands and needs.


Software & CCM Technologies

Yuchisoft is a software company within the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MARTEK) technology region that produces innovative solutions for the business world with new technologies focused on R&D. Our founding team has completed high-level projects in leading Telecommunication and Finance companies throughout their careers.

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